Sunday, January 17, 2010

Understanding - is really the faculty of knowing...??

hi guys...
here i am with my few wordings..

Do we really know what understanding is...?
have you realized what understanding is....?

hmmm People always get confuse between knowing n understanding……!!!!

We have heard people saying “who understands you better than me”

But understanding is not same as knowing.

Only some people understand well..

Many of our close ones knew what we want,whats our likes and dislikes...thats what I call knowing.They just know our necessities sometimes.

Knowing and understanding are very different. In knowing we are interested in questions why?

For example why are you crying, why are you studying that…why are you eating that….

But all of these things is to know what other person is doing or what’s happening with him

the best real time example i can give for knowing is this...

We can know the answer of 2 multiplied by 3 but that doesn’t mean we understand multiplication.

But understanding completely differs from knowing

In understanding,we are not trying to know the feelings of others but we are giving them the feeling that someone is with you who relates to your mentality, your nature, who accepts you first without thinking anything. in understanding we may not need to know why he/she is sad. we possibly just need to him/her and simply be with them till they feels better or wants to tell about it in the manner they feels better. we can give advise and solutions in the way they want. when someone understands you they wont try to investigate us, never dump their ideas on us but helps us to come out of the present situation.if we understand someone then we may not be interested in knowing why he is like that.we will be interested only in understanding how they are feeling. isn’t that what is more important?

The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you. therefore if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather than what he does not say.

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